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Jennifer Connelly Net Worth, Wealth, and Annual Salary

Jennifer Connelly Net Worth: Jennifer Connelly is an American film actress who has a net worth of $50 million. That is a combined net worth with her husband, fellow actor Paul Bettany. She is probably best-known for appearing in films such as “Requiem for a Dream”, “A Beautiful Mind” and “Blood Diamond”.

Jennifer Connelly Wealth Stats: Salary, Net Worth, and More

Jennifer Connelly's net worth, salary and other interesting facts:

Jennifer Connelly Wealth Info
Net Worth$50 Million
Date of BirthDecember 12, 1970 (age 53 years)
Height5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)
ProfessionActor, Model, Voice Actor
NationalityUnited States of America

Inspirational Quotes by Jennifer Connelly

Becoming a mother has made all the difference in terms of learning to take more responsibility for myself and my life. Parenthood changed the way I do everything.

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly net worth

I do finish reading a script and say, Why are they making it and what are they talking about? I like to try and be responsible in my choices in that way.

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly net worth

I pick different projects for different reasons. Usually, it's a combination of things. I admire the director, and I am interested in working with the director. Or, it's the cast. I can be moved by the story. The ideal situation is you love the director and you love the cast.

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly net worth

The things I've really loved doing over the years most consistently are running and yoga.

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly net worth

Everything changes as a mother. Yes, work has changed. The projects that I choose are even more important to me now. The world he's growing up in and the kind of stimulus that is out there; they are so precious and I'd do anything to protect him.

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly net worth