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Tamara Tunie net worth: Tamara Tunie is an American actress, director, and producer who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. Tamara Tunie was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Homestead, Pennsylvania. She went on to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University with a degree in Musical Theatre. She began appearing in film and television projects in the late 80s, beginning with a guest-starring role on “Spenser for Hire”.

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Tamara Tunie Wealth Info
Net Worth$8 Million
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1959 (age 65 years)
ProfessionActor, Film director, Film Producer

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I adore the designer B. Michael's curve-flattering gowns, but there is nothing better than jeans with a crisp white shirt.

Tamara TunieTamara Tunie Net Worth

Chuck Cooper is a friend, and I adore him. He can do so many things.

Tamara TunieTamara Tunie Net Worth

I've lived in New York for thirty years now, but I'm a proud Pittsburgher, and home is home. My family's still in Pittsburgh.

Tamara TunieTamara Tunie Net Worth

Even though you're married, you're still individuals. You still have to grow and nurture your individuality.

Tamara TunieTamara Tunie Net Worth

The key is allowing your partner to be who they are and not having expectations that really have nothing to do with the person you married.

Tamara TunieTamara Tunie Net Worth