Rooney Mara Net Worth, Wealth, and Annual Salary

Rooney Mara Net Worth and Salary: Rooney Mara is an American actress who has a net worth of $16 million. Although Mara began her career with roles in television series and independent films, she broke through with a number of high-profile film roles towards the beginning of the 2010s. Outside of acting, Rooney has become well-known for her charity work.

The Early Life of Rooney Mara

Early Life: Patricia Rooney Mara was born on April 17th of 1985 in Bedford, New York. Raised alongside four children in an area just outside of New York City, Rooney attended Fox Lane High School and graduated in 2003. Following this, she traveled throughout Central and South America for months as part of a learning program. She then attended George Washington University before transferring to the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. While attending college, Rooney Mara studied psychology, international social policy, and nonprofit organizations. She graduated from the program in 2010.

Rooney Mara Wealth Stats: Salary, Net Worth, and More

Rooney Mara's net worth, salary and other interesting facts:

Rooney Mara Wealth Info
Net Worth$16 Million
Date of BirthApril 17, 1985 (age 38 years)
Height5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
NationalityUnited States of America

Inspirational Quotes by Rooney Mara

When I was at college, my nickname was Keds because I wore Keds. I guess it wasn't really a nickname, because nicknames are usually given to you by people who are your friends and who know you. But I didn't know the people who called me Keds. I think that they didn't like me because I didn't want to join a sorority.

Rooney MaraRooney Mara net worth

I try to eat food that hasn't been washed in ammonia and then packaged in the shape of breaded dinosaurs filled with cheese - even though those are very tasty. I like to eat food that can actually make it through the 20-plus feet of my small intestine.

Rooney MaraRooney Mara net worth

I never do anything for the camera. It's my job to pretend the camera's not there. I'm never moving for the camera.

Rooney MaraRooney Mara net worth

I can understand wanting to be invisible and mistrusting people and wanting to understand everything before you engage with the world.

Rooney MaraRooney Mara net worth

It never seemed that honorable to me, and I guess I was always afraid that I might fail.

Rooney MaraRooney Mara net worth