Calista Flockhart Net Worth, Wealth, and Annual Salary

Calista Flockhart Net Worth and salary: Calista Flockhart is an American actress who has a net worth of $30 million. Flockhart is perhaps best known for her television work, and she has appeared in shows like “Ally McBeal” and “Brothers & Sisters.” That said, she has also been quite active in the world of film, with appearances in movies such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Birdcage.”

The Early Life of Calista Flockhart

Early Life: Calista Kay Flockhart was born on November 11th of 1964 in Freeport, Illinois. Born to an English teacher and a Kraft Foods executive, Calista was raised alongside an older brother in several places. Her father’s demanding work schedule as a Kraft Foods executive meant that her family was constantly relocating, and she spend time growing up in places like Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York.

Calista Flockhart Wealth Stats: Salary, Net Worth, and More

Calista Flockhart's net worth, salary and other interesting facts:

Calista Flockhart Wealth Info
Net Worth$30 Million
Date of BirthNovember 11, 1964 (age 59 years)
Height5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
NationalityUnited States of America

Inspirational Quotes by Calista Flockhart

Well, I don't think I've ever consciously come up with tricks and tools to, kind of, hide. I do think I'm a bit more vigilant, in terms of safety issues and things. And sometimes it is kind of nice to try to hold onto your anonymity.

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart net worth

Sometimes when you play a character, you can feel it in your body. And I felt like I had characteristics of my dog: the way Webster moves, the way he holds his head. I kind of adapted it into this part unconsciously.

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart net worth

I am definitely a dog person. I feel like Webster and I are very much alike.

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart net worth

But I don't like to, tell people how old I am. I like that to be a mystery.

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart net worth

I've had a couple of long relationships. And I've had a couple of shorter relationships.

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart net worth