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Judy Davis Net Worth: Judy Davis is an Australian actress who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1955, Judy Davis studied at the Western Australian Institute of Technology and later the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She made her film debut as Lynn in 1977’s “High Rolling” before scoring the part that would catapult her to recognition.

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Judy Davis Wealth Info
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthApril 23, 1955 (age 68 years)
Height5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)

Inspirational Quotes by Judy Davis

This is government. There is no entertainment.

Judy DavisJudy Davis Net Worth

Most women seem to be required to pit themselves against men in dramatic situations, and the men got to pit themselves against ideas or God.

Judy DavisJudy Davis Net Worth

My Brilliant Career was beautifully directed, but I had a bit of trouble with myself in it. It was a silly script, based on a book this 16-year-old girl wrote.

Judy DavisJudy Davis Net Worth

Lorna was quite young when her mother died, and I think she's blocked out some of the memories. I talked to her a little bit about that, but I wasn't prepared to go around and poke and hurt her.

Judy DavisJudy Davis Net Worth

I was 23, and that was my first professional job. Anybody who has curly hair knows you don't want it to be brushed out because it becomes a never-ending tangle.

Judy DavisJudy Davis Net Worth