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Billy Bob Thornton Net Worth, Wealth, and Annual Salary

Billy Bob Thornton Net Worth and Salary: Billy Bob Thornton is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and musician who has a net worth of $45 million. Thornton has truly made an impact on the entertainment industry as both an actor and a screenwriter. Today, his unique on-screen presence and sense of humor have made him a much sought-after addition to a number of films.

The Early Life of Billy Bob Thornton

Early Life: William Robert Thornton was born on August 4th of 1955 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His nickname follows a convention set by his father, William Raymond “Billy Ray” Thornton, who was a high school teacher and basketball coach. Raised in a Methodist household alongside two brothers, Billy Bob’s family moved frequently within Arkansas, living in Alpine, Malvern, and Mount Holly. Thornton’s family was not wealthy, and they lived in a shack with no electricity or plumbing.

Billy Bob Thornton Wealth Stats: Salary, Net Worth, and More

Billy Bob Thornton's net worth, salary and other interesting facts:

Billy Bob Thornton Wealth Info
Net Worth$45 Million
Date of BirthAugust 4, 1955 (age 68 years)
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Film director, Film Producer, Musician, Screenwriter, Singer-songwriter, Voice Actor
NationalityUnited States of America

Inspirational Quotes by Billy Bob Thornton

Just the other day, my assistant was on the line with Calvin Klein. Golly, I usually shop at Sears.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton net worth

Pushing Tin,' I went to air traffic control school in Toronto for that. Passed with flying colors, by the way. If I ever become an air traffic controller and I'm the guy in charge of your plane, you're in good hands.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton net worth

Man, I was drowning in sadness. And Angelina, she lifted me right up out of there.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton net worth

I have type AB- blood, which is the rarest blood type. It's less than 1 percent of the whole population of the world, and it means that you don't have as many digestive enzymes.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton net worth

Acting is playing - it's actually going out on a playground with the other kids and being in the game, and I need that. Writing satisfies that part of myself that longs to sit in my room and dream.

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton net worth

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