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Anna was born December 3, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. She has college education from University of Chicago. Chlumsky has Czech ancestry. She’s married to Shaun So since 2008. They have one child. Anna played for example in My Girl, Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain, and In the Loop. But her most recognized role is Amy Brookheimer on TV series Veep.

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Anna Chlumsky is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 5000000 dollars. Remarkable!

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Anna Chlumsky Wealth Info
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1980 (age 43 years)
Height5 Feet 1 Inch (1.57 m)


Following a stint modeling with her mother in an advertising campaign, Chlumsky made her film debut with a bit part in John Hughes’ 1989 comedy “Uncle Buck.” Two years later, she had her breakthrough with a leading role in the coming-of-age dramedy “My Girl,” in which she played a young girl named Vada Sultenfuss living in 1970s Madison, Pennsylvania. The cast also included Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, and fellow child actor Macaulay Culkin. In 1994, Chlumsky reprised her role in the sequel “My Girl 2,” which added Austin O’Brien to the cast in lieu of Culkin. That same year, she starred opposite Sissy Spacek in the fantasy comedy “Trading Mom,” based on the eponymous book by Nancy Brelis. Chlumsky’s only other film credit in the 90s was the adventure film “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain,” in which she and Christina Ricci starred as two teenagers searching for a cache of gold in the Pacific Northwest.

Personal Life

In 2007, Chlumsky got engaged to Army Reserve member Shaun So, whom she had met while they were both attending the University of Chicago in 2000. They married in 2008, and have two daughters named Clara and Penny.

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Right now I'm just thinking about school and trying to get those grades and keep them up! In case I become a Norma Desmond when I grow up, I can have something to fall back on!

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky Wealth

People have good and bad days.

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky Wealth

People look to you to replace a part in their lives that they can't get back. You can't get the past back, you can't do it. We've all tried.

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky Wealth

From the very start of all of this, my mom has read the scripts first. And if she liked something, she let me read it. She told our agent what kinds of parts that we would want.

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky Wealth

You can ask any set decorator on any set where I've had to be in an office, I always kind of claim it - I put Post-its everywhere, and I kind of make it look lived-in.

Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky Wealth